mother i must feed

Mother, why do you cry?
casually continues me and rio’s oc breakdowns, part 5/11
Name: Suzume Harada Alias: N/AD.O.B: Oct 28, 1993 (Scorpio)Gender: FemalePlace of Birth: Izumo Relationship Status: Taken, Marcello VerendicciOccupation: StudentAge: 17Height: 165.1 cm (5’5”)Weight: 58.967 kgs (130 lbs)Eye Color: Purple/blueHair Color: Dark green —Personality: Promiscuous, witty, sarcastic, excitable, amiable Alignment: Chaotic NeutralVoice/Manner of Speaking: Formal, raunchy or improper when provoked, swears Defining Characteristics (habits, likes, etc.): Nimpomaniac, hits on every friend without fail (unless you’re Otaka), Izumo soba, beating Otaka at anything, isn’t afraid to express her opinion. Enjoys giving compliments, especially when they’ll get her somewhere, and indubitably likes getting them. Sweet talker, schmoozer. —Allies: Eufemia, Marcello, Mayumi, Kazuki, Otaka, Kaname, Romulus, Itsuki
Enemies: Otaka, Ichiro —Backstory: Lives with single mom, never knew dad because… mom doesn’t know who her father is either… jerry jerry jerryNationality: JapaneseReference images: Above, genderbent (Shinsuke Harada), [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x]


*does a pushup* when will i become bara

sardonicseamstress: Ok but what if-- DFAB Genderfuck Pyrrha. Can you imagine? Tino, Tino please

pyrrha step on m e please


/i dont dress up ever so have a prom photo of me from like 11th grade cuz im not dressing up for an episode where i have zero investment in any of the dumb romance im just here for the background stories and awesome lady friendships of my girls
Template for Preferred Name/Pronouns Letter to Teachers:


Dear Professor [name],

My name is [Preferred name], and I will be attending your course [blank] on [days] at [time] this [term]. I am transgender and have not yet legally changed my name. On your roster is my legal name, [Legal name]. I would greatly appreciate it if you refer to me as [Preferred name] and use [pronouns] when referring to me. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to starting your course next week.


~[Preferred name]